DD8 Worked closely wIth Channel 9 in crafting the design for the 9 Brand family, involving tweaks to all logo’s across multiple on air executions (9, 9GO, 9GEM, 9LIFE, 9NOW).

During this process we developed a dynamic on air multi channel toolkit that allowed for the range of characters, colours and content from each of the network channels to shine, whilst creating a structured visual language that allowed the audience to navigate through the wide offering. This complex system becomes the canvas for dynamically updated content from any of the channels or shows, and choses a colour palette, animated texture and animation to match the shows aesthetic. Crafting a unique motion for the network. All programming supers and promo graphics now have a distinct movement built for the Nine networks graphic system.

This design system, didn’t just refresh the on air graphics but played a huge role in the  cross promotion, social conversation prompts and also positioning of channel.