We were approached by Warner Bros Television to design four distinct looks for the Extra brand, that follow a progression of departure away from Extra’s current branding.

In a competitive landscape, Extra requires a look that will break through the noise and differentiate itself from the crowd. We feel the concepts
that we have developed address both the current audience and opens up opportunities for Extra that have not been explored in the past.

We have taken a considered, strategic approach in designing the refresh for the Extra brand. Through data analytics and
market research, we have gained actionable insights that have informed and shaped the design process from its earliest stages.

Through a restricted yet refined and sophisticated colour palette, clean legible typographic treatment and bold use of imagery,
our design treatments centre around these themes - personal, proud, and premium.



Currently, Extra is positioned closely to its competitors The Insider, Access Hollywood and E! News as a tabloid entertainment news program. 
These programs all have very similar graphic styles, predictable conservative colour palettes and generic animation executions. 

Where Entertainment Tonight differs in this area is that it positions itself as a premium entertainment channel,
with a champagne colour palette and considered animation style that appeal to its audience.

Extra’s main point of difference is its shoot location in Universal Studios -  a unique feature which gives the viewers a sense of exclusivity and approachability. 
The current look, however, conflicts with this positioning.  We aim to capitalise on the Universal Studios aspect and position Extra not as a tabloid paparazzi,
but as a VIP glimpse into the lives of the celebs.



We began approaching this concept by giving the logo a refreshed look, abandoning the old bounding border that
contains the current logo and replacing it with a minimal, edgier bounding box.

Loud, candid imagery dominate this look, accompanied by bold typography.  ‘Loud + Fresh’ gives Extra the opportunity to
diverge from its current audience base, and seek out opportunities securing viewers in a younger demographic.  

We feel this look embodies the essence of ‘Proud’, and positions Extra closer towards pop culture,
whilst maintaining a minimal colour palette to ensure its appeal amongst a mature audience.



VIP/Premium embodies the Premium look for Extra.  It aims to establish Extra as an exclusive entertainment provider, with heavy focus on bold, art directed imagery.

We have refined the logo by changing the typeface and simplifying the bounding box around the type, leaving a clean, simple logotype.

Patterns to accompany the minimalist look of the imagery bring personality and vibrance to the designs, and exude elegance and femininity. 

We feel that the VIP/Premium look establishes the best harmony towards a new direction for the brand, without being too loud or alienating any viewers.



‘Editorial Pop’ is the final concept we explored in moving towards a makeover of the Extra brand. 
It is the most extreme in terms of establishing a new positioning for Extra, and relies on strong, candid imagery and iconography.

Editorial Pop, whilst being the furthest departure from Extra’s current look, gives the brand a sense of ‘knowing the celebrity’
and moves away from the art directed shots seen on magazine covers to a more personable, approachable imagery.